Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association Council Was Successfully Held in ROLEDS

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On July 13, 2018, the 10th meeting of the first council of Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association was held in Hangzhou ROLEDS Lighting System Co., Ltd. as scheduled.

Meet in ROLEDS


ROLEDS was invited to attend the seminar, along with many experts and leaders of led lighting industry in Hangzhou.


Photo of meeting


Wang Jian, general secretary of Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association

During the meeting, Wang Zhongquan, founder of Hangzhou ROLEDS Lighting System Co., Ltd shared the theme of “One City Lit by One Light” and introduced the growth history of ROLEDS since its establishment.


In his report, Mr. Wang said that “We advocate to create more value by subtraction-One City Lit by One Light”. He shared some lighting projects by ROLEDS, such as the SCO Summit and the Portland City Hall. Also, he advocated that Chinese lighting providers need to have business relationship both domestic and overseas. 

Mr. Wang gave a speech

The main topics of the meeting include:

(1) Reviewing the member units newly applied for by the association

(2) Reviewing the newly added governing unit

(3) Reviewing the newly added vice president unit

(4) Reporting the main work carried out by the association

(5) Discussing the main work to be carried out by the association in the next step

(6) The board of directors discussed the 4th lighting show


At the meeting, the association secretariat and the directors reported and discussed the following main tasks:

1. Learn to lead some member units to inspect the Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition.

2. More than 50 people from the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Yangzhou City came to our association for inspection and fully affirmed the work of the association.

3. Chairman Shen Wei led the main responsible persons of the association to inspect, exchange and learn in advanced lighting companies in Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

4. The secretariat of the Association reported to the Council on a number of industry party building activities completed in the first half of the year.


Ji Jifeng, General Manager

The general planner of the lighting show, the founder of Yanshi Lighting Show, introduced the overall idea.


Yangyi, Director of Hangzhou Lighting Supervision Center

At the end of the meeting, Director Yang Min gave a summary speech.

Tour in ROLEDS


During the meeting, Mr. Wang led the leaders and the principals of the governing unit to visit the company. Mr. Wang introduced the overall situation and production line of ROLEDS and explained the various aspects of the product in the production process in detail.

Mr. Wang gave the introduction to the visitors

ROLEDS is very grateful for recognition and trust from the Hangzhou City Lighting Industry Association. ROLEDS will continue to focus on product technology research and development and strive to become the world-class lighting brand!





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