Company Brief Introduction

Hangzhou Roleds Lighting System Co. Ltd. was established in the year 2004 with headquarter located nest to the west lake, Hangzhou, China. Within the 12 years, we consistent pay our attention to the R&D and manufacturing of the professional LED lighting equipment and control system products, we are the professional LED outdoor lighting system solution supplier.

Our company has a strong R&D technology team and fully automated LED prediction line, we have the leading advantages in the fields of LED control technology, optical technology, circuit design, LED lighting application and service. Our owned products have the independent intellectual property rights, and we have a number of invention and technical patents in the fields such as LED control technology, optical technology, etc. Fusing the intelligence city construction area, we got few first high-tech patents in the lighting area around the world. We passed ISO9001 international quality certification, at the same time we was also named as the national high-tech enterprise, national lighting environment evaluation standards drafting members unit, the Chinese Institute of lighting units, science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province, patent pilot enterprise and key enterprise in Hangzhou.

The three centers of Roleds enterprise architecture are: business operation center, R&D validation center and manufacturing center. We set up our subsidiaries companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu, the company will also continue to promote the establishment of other regional subsidiaries.

Roleds take the customer satisfaction as the guide, maximizing the customer values as the core, relying on the deep understanding of the market and the grasp of the forward direction of the LED industry, Roleds share the honor internationally with its innovative technology, high quality service and the first –class products, we have built wide and deep partnerships with our customers both home and abroad our products have been served for hundreds of customers and thousands projects, our performance is stable in the forefront of the industry.  During the year 2010-2016 we have joined the Beijing Olympic Water Cube World Map, the Shanghai World Expo Spain Pavilion and the China Millennium Monument, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Beijing APEC Convention and Exhibition Center, Milan World Expo China Pavilion, Hangzhou G20, the Global Internet Center and other national key lighting projects.

In 2015, Roleds became the only outdoor light supplier of the Milan World Expo China Pavilion, we lighted up the China Pavilion, CIES also issued a “special award” for the World Expo lighting project in Milan, this project made a strong step for Roleds to come out of the country, it was a symbol of corporate pride.

In 2016, in the project of Hangzhou G20 overall city lighting renovation, Roleds played a very important role. Our Rubik Cube products adhere to the standardization, modularization, plasticity, and innovative development direction, which would be more suited to municipal lighting changes of roads, bridges, buildings and landscapes. 14th Oct, 2015, we held a new release for the Rubik Cube products. With its breakthrough in the traditional structure design and subversion of the characteristic of manufacturing innovation, Rubik Cube produced a strong resonance among outdoor lighting industry, construction and lighting designers. In the future, Roleds and Rbuik Cube will combined together, determined to be a world-class lighting brand, start the future with the core.