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EXPO Milano 2015

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    Milan Expo China Pavilion back to China Qingdao

    (Customized Light in China Pavilion from Roleds) According to the informed, Milan Expo China Pavilion will move to Qingdao Expo Garden After contributed it will be a new landmark building, to be a place that will catc...

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    Thump up for Roleds

    As the only official pointed outdoor light support, Roleds was invited to join the opening ceremony of the China Pavilion 1st May, 2015. The opening ceremony was hold outside of the China Pavilion which is looks like a “Wheat Waves”. A...

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    Duang~2015Milan Expo 59 days left.

    2015 Milan Expo China Pavilion is under construction, now it is beginning to take a shape, every detail is really amazing! Duang~ Have a look first! ...

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    2015 Milan Expo 102 day left!

    13th Jan, when it is only 108 left, Beijing Yongige organized a mobilization meeting reception dinner for Milan Expo China Pavilion, when at the meeting, Roleds founder Wang Zongquan gave a speech on behalf of the suppliers. ...

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    23th Oct, 2015 Milan Expo Discussion

    Milan Expo China road show Beijing Station organized by China Milan Expo organizing committee and China Pavilion committee, will be organized from 22nd to 26th Oct, 2014, in Beijing Wangfujing. This activity includes the opening ceremony o...