Development History

Roleds was originated in the 19th century in Britain. The founder John.Roltyes was a British artist, he joined the field of lighting under the tide of industrial age in British, and transfer his art artistic and cultural idea to now

1841, the British artist John Roltyes who admired in Chinese culture, began his cultural journey in China, with a growing cultural exchange between China and Europe.

1843  After two years in China, John Roltyes was deeply attracted by traditional Chinese culture, he boldly imaged the combination of western advanced technology and oriental traditional culture and began to create works with Chinese traditional elements.

1845  After two years of exploration and practice, John Roltyes Successfully designed a modern ceramic kerosene lamps mixed of Chinese and Western culture, and the brought the design concept back to UK

1846 John Roltyes gave the first hand-made modern ceramic kerosene lamp to his writer friend Charlotte Bronte, with the accompany of these lamps, Charlotte Bronte began writing her new book-- “ Jane Eyre”.

1883 Edison set the first outdoor lighting system led to an outdoor lighting revolution. John Roltyes cooperated with the Darmstadt University of Technology to introduce the world’s first electrical engineering, and applied  the concept of outdoor lighting.

1884 John Roltyes established the outdoor lighting project ---ROLTYES in the most famous industrial city-Birmingham UK.

In 1970s, with the rise of LED in Japan and Taiwan, ROLTYES set up a branch in Taiwan and renamed ROLEDS, began the development and production

2004 ROLEDS stationed in the Chinese market, with the headquarter in Hangzhou.